Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Swell Catch
About Swell Catch
What’s in Swell Catch, anyway?

We love talking about this stuff! Swell Catch plant-based seafood is mostly protein-packed powerhouses, aka legumes. Our six-legume blend consists of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans. What’s not in Swell Catch? Animal-derived ingredients, artificial flavours, palm oil, canola oil, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, synthetic colours, gobbledygook, foolishness.

You’re dairy-free, right?

Absolutely. Swell Catch products are made from plants and don’t contain dairy, lactose or animal products. (What you do with our products after you buy them is none of our business.)

Do you have soy in your products?

Why yes, Swell Catch products do include soy proteins. We made this choice intentionally — we found that our exclusive six-legume blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans, when blended perfectly, create an amazing texture that resembles the flakiness of seafood.

Are Swell Catch products kosher?

Swell Catch plant-based seafood products are not currently kosher certified. But we’re working on it! Our Regulatory Team is in the process of working with a certifying body to ensure kosher status (including verifying ingredients, production facilities and production processes do not contain non-kosher substances in adherence to Kosher Law requirements) in the future.

What’s with the sodium?

We hear you. Processed and frozen food across the industry tends to be higher in sodium overall — as well, part of the process. We want to change that. We are constantly innovating and working to improve our products, and that includes reevaluating and finding ways to adjust our sodium content.

Glyphosates, how about those?

Our Quality Department is in the process of putting a verification program together that will include random sampling for glyphosates. We currently source all of our legumes from reputable supply partners that have robust supply chains and thorough monitoring and verification programs to ensure product safety.

The GMO Question.

The answer is no, no GMO ingredients. We take great care in the sourcing of our ingredients, and we currently source all of our ingredients from non-GMO sources, the majority of which are from North America and Europe. We work with our partners at Non-GMO Project to verify our products.

What about organic?

Organic is #goals. (But seriously, it’s a big deal and when we decide to go there, we want to make sure we really do it right.)